This Week’s Programming


14:00 – Koreans being Korean – This week the group visits a restaurant, with the aim of eating some kimchi. Repeat 

16:00 – Drama Time – Won-seok and Bum-gu both find they have cancer, potentially caused by wooden acting skills. The handsome young doctor rushes to save them, but unfortunately, there is no other way for a character to die in a Korean drama. Repeat

18:00 – Evening News – Reports indicate that police are cracking down on brothels, but have been thwarted by the phrase ‘sports massage.’

20:00 – MBC Special – Waygooks in Trouble – Tonight a group of English teachers are investigated with a highly critical eye following a few drinks at a Cheongju watering hole. Yie Eun-woong is on hand to operate his tar-soaked brush.

22:00 – Talking With Waygooks – The panel this week discuss the possibility of enjoying Girls Generation music videos with the sound turned on. Subtitled for the hard of waygookin

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