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14:00 – Society Today – As gay pride activists are blocked by ultra-conservative Christians, there are worries that the situation will reflect badly on the Korean comedy and music industries, where teenage girls and grown men wear revealing sparkly dresses.

16:00 – Soccer Focus – Well known Korean soccer pundits give a nonchalant shrug to the shady dealings at FIFA, knowing full well that Korea wins hands down at corruption.

18:00 – Evening News – Reports are emerging of a Buddhist monk plotting to grow wings to evade MERS quarantine. The power of meditation is well documented, but still…

20:00 – Masterchef Korea – This week the contestants are given the task of curing MERS with kimchi. Why this hasn’t been thought of before, is anybody’s guess!

22:00 – Travelogue – Working holidays are gaining popularity amongst young Korean adults. However, other Koreans have been taking advantage of these youngsters, outside their home countries for the first time. Who would’ve thunk it!?

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