Good Clean Viewing


14:00 – Science in Focus – World renowned biologist and street food vendor Yu Bum-mi debunks the popular western myth that it takes hot water and soap to ensure good hygiene around a food cart. Watch as she sanitizes with only a bucket full of cold, but not quite potable water.

16:00 – Movie – The Great Escape! – MERS quarantine becomes too much for some, leading to a delivery bike being used in a desperate bid for freedom!

18:00 – Evening NewsA lawsuit to make prostitution legal in Korea is set to leave citizens dazed and confused, as they look up at the array of ANMA signs and blacked out ‘Sports Massage’ shops and wonder how it isn’t legal already.

20:00 – Stand Up Comedy – Fart jokes told by men in sequinned dresses.

22:00 – Home Shopping Infomercial – In order to attract more customers, a truck with a loudspeaker is parked in the studio, utilizing a tried and trusted Korean sales tactic.

BBC iPlayer in Korea? Oh Yes!

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