This Week’s Programming


14:00 – Mediocre Chef – The contestants are given the seemingly impossible task of serving meat free of bones.

16:00 – Educating Mokpo – Can Billy-Bob teacher survive against a rising tide of ‘teeeechuuurrrr game!’ at his hagwon? Meanwhile, leggy blonde Peggy-Sue teacher tries to visit the doctor, only to find she doesn’t have any insurance. Wonjang Kim suggests she try using his 53-year-old wife’s ID card, with comical results.

18:00 – Noisy Bastard Challenge – Three adjosshis, each armed only with a Bongo truck full of oranges and a PA system, compete to wake up an entire neighborhood. Repeat, first broadcast at 06:45. In the fucking morning.

20:00 – Oppan Gangnam Style – A camera crew follows a group of thugs hired by the Gangnam local government as they flip over food carts, all in a vain attempt to distract from the number of Anma establishments in the area.

22:00 – Consumer Watchdog – This week the show takes a look at the Korean car industry. It now transpires that a Hyundai is for some bloody stupid reason pricier than a BMW.

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