Today’s Highlights


14:00 – MOVIE – Frozen – Peggy-Sue teacher asks the school principal to turn on the heating, only to be met with a response of ‘The cold never bothered me anyway.’ Peggy-Sue is compelled to ‘Let it go.’

16:00 – GAME SHOW – Toilet Paper Challenge – Contestants are fed a meal of beans and kimchi, and then run around Seoul looking for a bathroom with TP. Who can win the ultra-bonus points for finding soap, hot running water, and a functioning hand dryer?

18:00 – Evening News – Snow, hail and wind all hit Jeju, the veritable Hawaii of Korea.

20:00 – Kim Jong Illin’ – Youth Oriented Political Commentary. This week, westside is to be re-designated as northside by the wicked-cool leader.

22:00 – Super Adjosshi Man – The intrepid superhero is backed into a corner by a young traffic cop wanting to give him a ticket for running four red lights, but after quickly downing a bottle of soju, he magically absolves himself of all responsibility. Repeat

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