On the Box


14:00 – Educating Seoul – With talk of removing native English speakers from English kindergartens, the team decides to remove all the Americans from one Gangnam kindy and replace them with the cast of Trainspotting, just to see what the kids sound like later on.

16:00 – Talking with Waygooks – Shock, horror and scandal as one European panellist admits a distaste for kimchi.

18:00 – Travelogue – Billy-Bob and Peggy-Sue embark on an epic train journey all the way across the peninsula from Pohang to Incheon. Viewers are reminded that you should not tell their boss, as they’re pulling a midnight run.

20:00 – Game Show – The Age is Right! – If you’re older, you win! Automatically.

22:00 – The Tech Show – The Korean internet is great for torrenting things, but can it be used to actually pay for something. Like with a credit card?

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