Today’s Scheduled Programming


14:00 – Children’s Programming – Balloon O’Clock – Children living near the inter-Korean border are delighted to be given a large number of helium balloons adorned with bits of paper. But how many can they hold on to?

16:00 – Hospital in Focus – Extremely hot, scantily-clad Korean nurses consider yellow fever.

18:00 – Party Political Broadcast – The UPP (Unified Progressive Party) – Cancelled thanks to dictators daughter.

20:00 – Evening News – The streets of Korea begin to suffer from a shortage of cigarette butts following recent price hikes, finally making Korean smokes pricier than in Thailand.

22:00 – Movie – The Interview (Dubbed by we’re not sure who…) – A rather pasty looking Kim Jong-il plots to kill Americans. May differ from non-dubbed version.

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