Have a drink and flick on the tube…


14:00 – La Fashionista – The Gangnam Girls try to impress each other with extremely fashionable t-shirts. Will the poncey judges prefer ‘Glacial Greed Pussy’ or ‘Too Drunk to Fuck?’

16:00 – Doraemon – Korean kids get to unwittingly love something Japanese.

18:00 – Evening News – Korean boozers are to be forever condemned to drink Cass and Hite.

20:00 – Consumer Watch – Popular faux-Aussie restaurant chain Outback is investigated for not having enough random bones and gristle in their meat products.

22:00 – Sejong Broadcasting joins AFN for late night programming – Caution, the constant patronizing safety ads may kill more brain cells than Cass and Hite combined.

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