Deskwarming Special


14:00 – Educating Seoul – Billy-Bob finds himself deskwarming alone in a freezing cold school. Watch as his plans to write a novel, start an online business, and learn how to use Photoshop go down the drain, as he plays on ESL Cafe and Facebook all day.

16:00 – Magic Adjosshi – Unassuming bank clerk Chu Won-seok is given super powers after downing a bottle of soju in a magic phone booth. This week, he flies (into a rage) and shoots his enemies (with projectile vomit).

18:00 – Master Chef Korea – The judges struggle to understand the concept of ‘breakfast food,’ disqualifying two contestants in the process.

20:00 – The Office – Sitcom about a group of Chaebol employees playing around on the internet, because their boss hasn’t plucked up the courage to go home and see his wife and kids yet.

22:00 – Movie – Hollywood Action Blockbuster – Bruce Willis is in the midst of explosions and subtitles, where expletives are simply shown as the Korean word for ‘damn.’

Live in Korea? Don’t like certain sites being blocked? You need a VPN.

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