Wholesome Family Viewing


14:00 – Movie – Despicable Me – A supervillan hatches a cunning plan to omit human rights violations in a report on the matter to the U.N.

16:00 – La Fashionista – Koreans are convinced to give up smoking not by cancer or price hikes, but by bad skin.

18:00 – Gameshow – The Age is Right – Middle aged men battle it out in a contest to repel drink-driving tickets being given by young conscript traffic cops.

20:00 – Natural World – Documentary following hagwon owners in their natural habitat. Today, the crew examine the finer workings of the ‘don’t pay severance’ instinct.

22:00 – Click Online – Computer Science boffin Yoo Noh-mi explains the shocking disparity between Korea’s wonderful internet speeds and awful web design. It turns out that the uselessness of Korean websites is actually intended to cause so much frustration, that the populace will simply use the internet for gaming and piracy instead.

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