MERS Deskwarming Special


14:00 – Toilet Humor – Korean comedians consider the irony of Koreans being so terrified of MERS that they close a large chunk of public schools, whilst not bothering to wash their hands after bathrooms trips.

16:00 – Nascar Motor Racing – Seoul Special – The race comes to Korea with a twist: the cars will be replaced by seemingly much faster Kia Bongo trucks, Hyundai Starex vans, and clapped-out Daewoo Ticos.

18:00 – The Great Bake-off – As Paris Baguette opens it’s 7th store in Manhattan, contestants are faced with the task of putting sugar and corn where they shouldn’t be.

20:00 – The Motoring Show – The panel take a look at why Hyundai Motors is in a slump against foreign competitors in the domestic marketplace. It couldn’t possibly be because they price and quality-gouged locals for years whilst blocking imports, could it?

22:00 – Masterchef Korea – Korean people from across Korea are challenged to cook Korean things.

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