Today’s Programming


14:00 – Supermarket Sweep – Contestants try to sweep through the doors of the local HomePlus on mandatory closing day.

16:00 – Children’s Hour – This week’s nursery rhyme is ‘Ten Green Soju Bottles

18:00 – Mediocre Chef Korea – The six contestants are directed to use flavorings other than excessive amounts of chilli powder and garlic. Gordon Ramsay screams something about baby dogs when he is consequently served six bowls of white rice.

20:00 – Comedy – Morning Glory – Inappropriate and uncontrollable erections in a neighborhood stationery store.

22:00 – English Premier League Soccer Highlights – Footage of Park Ji-sung and nobody else. Ever.


This Week’s Programming


14:00 – Mediocre Chef – The contestants are given the seemingly impossible task of serving meat free of bones.

16:00 – Educating Mokpo – Can Billy-Bob teacher survive against a rising tide of ‘teeeechuuurrrr game!’ at his hagwon? Meanwhile, leggy blonde Peggy-Sue teacher tries to visit the doctor, only to find she doesn’t have any insurance. Wonjang Kim suggests she try using his 53-year-old wife’s ID card, with comical results.

18:00 – Noisy Bastard Challenge – Three adjosshis, each armed only with a Bongo truck full of oranges and a PA system, compete to wake up an entire neighborhood. Repeat, first broadcast at 06:45. In the fucking morning.

20:00 – Oppan Gangnam Style – A camera crew follows a group of thugs hired by the Gangnam local government as they flip over food carts, all in a vain attempt to distract from the number of Anma establishments in the area.

22:00 – Consumer Watchdog – This week the show takes a look at the Korean car industry. It now transpires that a Hyundai is for some bloody stupid reason pricier than a BMW.

This Week’s Programming


14:00 РKoreans being Korean РThis week the group visits a restaurant, with the aim of eating some kimchi. Repeat 

16:00 – Drama Time – Won-seok and Bum-gu both find they have cancer, potentially caused by wooden acting skills. The handsome young doctor rushes to save them, but unfortunately, there is no other way for a character to die in a Korean drama. Repeat

18:00 – Evening News – Reports indicate that police are cracking down on brothels, but have been thwarted by the phrase ‘sports massage.’

20:00 РMBC Special РWaygooks in Trouble РTonight a group of English teachers are investigated with a highly critical eye following a few drinks at a Cheongju watering hole. Yie Eun-woong is on hand to operate his tar-soaked brush.

22:00 – Talking With Waygooks – The panel this week discuss the possibility of enjoying Girls Generation music videos with the sound turned on. Subtitled for the hard of waygookin